From reactive to proactive advertising monitoring leveraging the possibilities of AI


Stichting Reclamecode is tasked with monitoring compliance with the Advertising Code, on behalf of all advertisers. The large number of online (social) media channels and the huge volume of online ads make it a challenge to monitor the online advertising domain.

Stichting Reclamecode wanted to understand the role automation and artificial intelligence could play in identifying, monitoring and reporting on online advertising and breaches of the code. Our role was to support Stichting Reclamecode in their journey from reactive to proactive online advertising monitoring and leverage the possibilities of artificial intelligence.


We have supported Stichting Reclamecode (SRC) in their journey from reactive, to proactive online advertising monitoring.

Using computer vision and natural language processing, we developed a solution to monitor online ads and report on potential breaches of the advertising code.

Stichting reclamecode
Online advertising, self regulation monitoring
· image recognition · object detection · named-entity recognition · question answering
· qualitative research · expert interviews · strategy sessions · product design · pilot projects · concept validation

// our process

Based on the expressed desire for automated advertising monitoring, we started with an exploration phase. We deepened our understanding of Stichting Reclamecode's advertising code and what role artificial intelligence could play to facilitate proactive advertising monitoring.

This initial exploratory research resulted in four automation opportunities, each tackling a different part of the online advertising domain. These opportunities were turned into pilot projects, which we designed and developed in twelve weeks with a small interdisciplinary team.

The insights gathered from launching the pilot projects were used to design and build one proprietary monitoring solution. A crawler collects and analyses online ads (using computer vision and natural language processing), and reports on potential breaches of the advertising code to a staff member through an actionable dashboard.

With this solution, Stichting Reclamecode is currently able to proactively monitor thousands of online ads every day. The dashboard provides staff members with a bird's-eye view across online platforms and channels, allowing them to verify breaches and take appropriate action when needed.

// the results

We launched 4 pilot projects in 12 weeks to test different approaches, then designed and built one proprietary tool.
The solution screens thousands of online ads and 100+ online media channels where no screening took place earlier.
Based on this initial success, we are supporting Stichting Reclamecode in developing automated monitoring solutions for online videos and other channels.
The DEUS team has been a great partner and guide for our digital transformation journey, offering a pragmatic and insightful approach to testing and implementing technology that made our team more effective and happier in their jobs.

Otto van der harst

Director Stichting Reclame Code


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