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The Challenge
Contrary to popular belief, slow innovation pace doesn't stem from a scarcity of ideas. More often than not, it arises from an abundance of ideas. Therefore, to innovate faster, organisations should optimise and rationalise their investment efforts by putting systems in place that enable them to identify, develop, and scale the right ideas.
Our Solution
We empower our partners with the right methods and processes to identify, shape and prioritise the right solutions for their complex problems. Leveraging our expertise in strategic, process, and solution design, we integrate design-led thinking into every step of choosing and shaping solutions into viable, desirable and feasible opportunities for the company. As such, we reduce the risk.

Working together with internal and external stakeholders, we employ an iterative process to explore and validate a range of business opportunities. These opportunities then serve as the foundation for refining value-adding strategies and discarding ineffective concepts. As such, we ensure that only concepts with sufficient viability, feasibility, and desirability progress to the next stages of development.

You can see an overview on our process in the image below.
The Impact

Strategic project selection

by leveraging stakeholder insights, user tests, and digital roadmaps that minimising risks and amplify potential return on investment.

Process Design & Optimisation

by creating efficient workflows and improving existing processes that enhance productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness.


by developing and enhancing the firm’s skills, knowledge, resources and infrastructure that support value-driven opportunity identification and selection.


by rapidly adopting and leveraging digital technologies, capabilities and strategies to drive transformation and achieve KPIs and OKRs

We partnered with a large energy company to mitigate the uncertainty and risk the firm faced in allocating their IT investment budget. Our evaluation process, ranging from 1 to 16 weeks, informed innovation decisions across 9 lines of the business, from asset management to computational science. As a result, over 14 months, 27% of projects were halted due to low viability, while 73% progressed with identified opportunities and roadmaps warranting further investment.

”Great work done by the team! The way it has guided us through the opportunity framing has been very helpful and engaging. Overall, it has created common understanding and a clear list of critical items to focus on.”

Business Opportunity Manager

Global Company

Our Innovation Acceleration approach empowers our partners to effectively navigate complex problems and make smarter investment decisions. Our strategic, design-led thinking and iterative processes ensure a value-first approach to problem identification and solution development. This enables firms to focus on projects with the greatest potential for success by reducing risk and maximising returns on investment.L capabilities for further growth and insights.

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