We explore how data and artificial intelligence can be applied in the service of humans and societies.

We partner with non-profits, ambitious change makers, and sponsor students conducting research in human(ity)-centered artificial intelligence.
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Research initiatives

We are currently sponsoring several research initiatives in the space of human(ity)-centered artificial intelligence:

  • Pre-modelling explainability in machine learning
  • Generative adversarial networks
  • Designing for multi-intentional interaction
  • Carbon footprint data collection and visualisation
  • Fair, explainable and transparent artificial intelligence

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Summer of AI

In collaboration with ABN AMRO we are organising the second edition of the ‘Dutch Summer of AI'. This is an annual summer school program for students in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer science and data science.

The Dutch Summer of AI facilitates the connection between organisations in The Netherlands and talented students. With this program, we want to boost AI talent development in the Netherlands, and give students the opportunity to work on real world challenges with leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Eden Holland

We are supporting the Eden Holland foundation in the conceptualisation, design and realisation of a digital platform that supports people in their personal sustainability journey.

Learn more about our ongoing collaboration with the Eden Holland foundation in our case study.

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