KEy Metrics
10 min
per day saved in asset worker time efficiency
increased software license optimisation
per annum in workflow efficiency gains
The Challenge
For energy companies, "assets" are large industrial plants that process natural gas. Raw gas is brought in and goes through several steps of treatment and refinement to become the final product that reaches consumers.
Due to the scale of this enterprise, frontline workers faced multiple challenges in accessing scattered digital resources, leading to inefficient workflows. Further, asset managers lacked control over digital resources, hindering their ability to address inefficiencies and enhance operational performance.
Our Solution
Our platform, AssetOS, acts as a centralised digital hub, providing easy access to all essential tools, applications, and documents through a single, user-centric interface. Tailored to meet unique regulatory, cultural, and technological requirements, AssetOS significantly reduces the time spent navigating multiple systems and searching for documents
Built on a cloud-based infrastructure and adhering to an API-first strategy, AssetOS embodies clean architecture and code principles, achieving a base of 90% testing coverage. This robust foundation enables flexibility and scalability, as well as seamless integration of advanced AI/ML capabilities to drive future growth and insights. Additionally, our collaboration with a dedicated scoping team enabled us to leverage user-centred design principles, enhancing usability and satisfaction.
AssetOS enhances visibility and control over the digital environment, resulting in improved new employee onboarding, operational insights, optimised workflows, and enhanced productivity. This transformation ensures organisational efficiency, improved user experience, and collaboration for asset employees. Additionally, AssetOS provides an overview on how many users are using a specific application, enabling better management of licenses and reducing associated costs. As such, asset managers are empowered with better visibility and control over their digital environment.
The Impact

Operational Efficiency

AssetOS saves asset workers over 10 minutes per day by streamlining information access and management.

Increasing Speed

Improved CI/CD pipelines accelerate feature deployment, allowing for faster responses to market demands and customer feedback.

Enhanced Quality

Rigorous testing with over 90% coverage ensures high-quality and reliable software.

Software License Optimisation

By monitoring application activity and utilisation, AssetOS facilitates data-driven decisions to optimise asset portfolio, achieving a 50% increase in license optimisation.
The implementation of AssetOS empowered a leading global energy company to transform their asset management workflows, fostering collaboration and driving innovation. By centralising tools and resources, the platform significantly enhanced productivity and operational efficiency. Specifically, it resulted in an annual efficiency gain of $5,000,000, expedited feature deployment, and 50% reduction of software license expenses.

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