Conceptualising AI’s Role in Real Estate

We collaborated with a Dutch real-estate organisation to develop their strategic roadmap. The roadmap focused on delivering an AI assistant for real estate professionals in the Netherlands and evaluated the effort required to create it.
The Challenge
AI systems are set to disrupt any market defined by large quantities of underutilised data and labour-intensive manual processes. The real estate sector is no exception. Hence, our partner was interested in exploring how they can leverage artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction, and maintain competitive advantage.
Our Solution
We created a strategic roadmap that provides an overview on suitable AI opportunities, given their assets and capabilities. We focused on three key areas:
Key features of our solution:
  • Understand needs by conducting interviews with project team and real estate professionals to gain insight into their needs, so that we can spot the (most) desirable functionalities for an AI assistant.
  • Evaluate feasibility & effort by conducting interviews with our partner’s subsidiaries to discuss the (data) requirements for the AI assistant’s functionalities, system integration possibilities, and assess the effort/feasibility to build it, considering their existing API’s and tools.
  • Align by conducting a session with the project team to present the findings/opportunities and discuss potential next steps.
By helping our partner understand user needs, technical feasibility, and current capabilities, we created a roadmap that highlights potential risks and challenges, and identifies the most desirable functionalities for an AI assistant in the field.

User-Centric Design

our focus on user-centred design methods enabled us to identify 7 key functionalities for an AI assistant in the field.

Strategic alignment

we aligned the overarching business goals with user desirability, technical feasibility and the company’s present resources such as data, tooling and infrastructure.

Innovation Roadmap

we developed a roadmap for the potential implementation of an AI assistant, outlining key steps and setting a clear path for future development.
The roadmap we created prepared our partner for a market defined by AI agents. However, the approach we took also ensured that their future AI assistant is not just a technological tool but a practical solution, tailored to the real needs and workflows of real estate professionals in the Netherlands.

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