Stimulating people in their journey towards sustainable behavior change


The goal of the Eden Holland foundation is to reach sustainable behaviour change by creating an action perspective. One way they’re realising this is through a theme park that also functions as a science center with living labs, where everything is about sustainability, education and inclusion.

But how could a single park visit be turned into long lasting action perspective? The Eden Holland foundation approached us with the ambition to develop a digital platform that supports park visitors in their personal journey towards more sustainable behaviour.

Our role was explore the role a digital platform could play to achieve Eden Holland's ambition, and to develop a digital platform strategy and supporting assets that helped them secure funding.


We have developed the strategy for Eden Holland's digital platform, that provides people with a fully personalised journey towards sustainability.

We are currently turning this into reality.

Eden Holland
· mobile app development · machine learning
· qualitative research · expert interviews · strategy workshop · prototyping · concept design · concept validation

// our process

We started with conducting qualitative and quantitative research, where our aim was to gain a deep understanding of the different types of park visitors. We evaluated the different group dynamics of park visitors, their needs and their pain points.

This was followed by a series of (virtual) co-creation workshops. We brought together behavioural scientists, environmental specialists and prospective park visitors to explore how the visitor journey could be enriched and extended into long lasting action perspective.

We uncovered insights about the role the theme park can play as a trigger towards sustainable behaviour change, and how a virtual layer can turn the initial trigger into day-to-day behaviour change.

These insights informed a future service blueprint, digital platform strategy and prototype designs for Eden Holland, that were used to secure funding. We are currently collaborating with Eden Holland to turn the digital platform strategy into reality and support people in their personal journey towards sustainable behaviour.

// the results

Together with the Eden Holland team, we turned a rough ambition into a concrete, research backed, digital platform strategy and prototype visualisation.
The Eden Holland foundation has used the digital platform strategy and design assets to secure funding.
We are collaborating with Eden Holland to turn the digital platform strategy into reality - stay tuned!
Working with Deus is a creative journey towards a joint goal.

Anton valk

Chairman and initiator, Eden Holland


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